Friday, September 10, 2010


my boyfriends mom won a free two nights stay in Miami and a free two nights stay in Key West. we planned the trip, and she, her other son chase, caleb and i all went. we rented a van and drove down to miami first. our hotel was right on north beach and was completely amazing! chase and caleb have a friend, zach, that lives in miami and we all met up with him and he showed us all around miami. one night we went and ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp- yum! the beach was beautiful too, caleb and i were the only ones to get in the water though. we saw all the famous places like Miami Ink and such. it was also fun to people watch.

after our two night stay in miami, we headed down to Key West! whew i love key west. i was sad we only spent two nights there, i could have stayed a week plus! our first night we decided to do a bar crawl and try drinks at all the bars in key west. we also ordered conch fritters at each place we went to, and decided that jimmy buffets margaritaville had the best fritters, but sloppy joes had the best sauce- it was a lime mustard sauce and it was to die for! while in key west caleb and i went snorkeling. it was a neat experience. we also saw the sunset at mallory square where there was a crazy cat man doing cat tricks. it was bizarre. but entertaining. the locals were fun to talk to as well. i would have stayed a week in key west! there was so much to do with so little time.


i am the worst about blogging. i have so many new things going on and fun things to share. but i spend most of my time (when not working) with this little fellow! xoxo remi pup!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This video captures one of my favorite moments with Adeline.
her voice is just so sweet.

she constantly sings.
happy birthday.
the alphabet.
twinkle twinkle.
itsy bitsy spider.
old mc donald.
wheels on the bus.

she also says the funniest phrases:
"no way jose"
"me no like"
"no no nugget" (i call adyson "nugget" and adeline picked up on it- its so funny)
"ohhh yeah!"
"help me"
"im all finished"

she knows her body parts, her colors, and her animal noises.

she seems to know everything i say to her. if she sees trash she says "trash" and wants to go throw it away. she is such a great helper. i can ask her to go get things such as a bib for lunch time and she will go in adysons room and go get one. she loves baby dolls and acts as a lil mommy feeding them with a "poon" (spoon). adeline is also very polite saying "please" and "tank tew". She is the little repeater.

every day she says or does something new to surprise me. she melts my heart.

this is my last week as her nanny. makes me so sad. i am getting teary eyed just thinking about it. i will miss her sweet hugs and kisses. her telling me she "wuvz" (loves) me. also saying my name "nin-nee" its so sweet the way she says it. i will miss when she pops up out of no where and says "hii nin-nee".

she will be starting preschool next monday. i am happy for her. she will excel greatly there.

i honestly feel part of her family. i will have to go over to their house every week to see them. and in october, her mom will be having baby#3 and i will watch him/her (they are waiting to find out the sex) starting in january. i cannot wait.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

catching up!

caleb and i went and picked fresh blueberries on july 3. it was a perfect day to do so, not humid or muggy and it wasnt blazing hot!

the darker they are, the more ripe they are. if you put your fingers on a blueberry, you should just be able to role it off the stem, if it rolls right off, its ripe. caleb didnt know that, even though his aunt jan was the one who taught me that. funny boy!
a blueberry farm in havanna. it was so pretty there! just rows and rows of bb trees! also this farm has an honest box. if the owner isnt there to collect your money, you weigh it, and put your money in the honest box. it was $4 per pound and we bought 5lbs :)
hello blueberry crisps!

july 3 was one of my most favorite days with caleb! it was just us living in the moment all day. the little things with him make me so happy.
caleb and i work completely different shifts. im an 8am-5pm and he works 3pm-11pm! so the only time we really get a chance to see each other is sunday, a day we both have off work.
well the weekend of the fourth, his work decided to close. so he was off saturday, sunday and monday!
well on saturday he had an appt to get a new tattoo, but the girl who made the appt at the shop, failed to remember that the artist had off that day. no biggy, we rescheduled for monday. well then we were up, dressed and had no plans. so we ventured into havanna and found the bb farm. then we came home, played with the puppy for a couple hours and then we decided to have an early dinner at jasmines. we love it there! one place we can always agree to eat. for the first time we got to sit in the back room, and it was just us. so romantic. since it was still light outside after we ate, we decided to just walk around downtown, holding hands and laughing.
we had a great night!
love him!

in other news: this little lady, is almost two. this make me so sad. the last week of august, she will start going to a preschool. i will miss her so much every day! i am so close to her and her family, it will make me sad to not see her as much. i might just have to snag her up from preschool every once in a while and spend some time with her.
good thing her mommy is preggy again :)

ohh and last night, i took my final for my summer class.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ohh how i love the weekend.
summer weekends are the best though.

(compass lake)

this past weekend was no exception. it started friday, at work. took the babies to the country clubs pool. they had a bast. so did i. then that night an old friend picked me up and we drove about an hour to compass lake where we boated and rode floats. the water was warm and clear!!
saturday i woke up early to meet my dad at the bank so that he could help me apply for a car loan. then he asked if i wanted to tag along with him on some errands. i love spending time with my daddy! first we went to a local beads store to pick out some leather for him and i found a cute bracelet i though my mom would love, so he bought it for her as a 'just because gift' (hello- he is a good man!) then we went to lowes where he happily purchased me a blow torch! what 23 year old girl doesnt want a blow tourch! oh man is it fun!! (side note, i took a jewelry class in college and needed it to finish some soddering that i never finished!) then home just to hang out! i never want to take spending time with my daddy for granted!
after spending the morning with my daddy, i rushed home to hang out with my boyfriend, caleb, and our puppy remi! when caleb left for work, remi cuddled up on the couch with me to take a nap- or is it a sleep? we napped for almost 4 hours!
sunday caleb and i woke up, took remi to puppy classes and then headed over to our friends (B&D) parents to swim in the pool. this was remi's second time there, and he LOVED it. he swam his little heart out. B and i discussed wedding stuff- her wedding is in october 2011 and i am the moh and her wedding planner extraordinaire! and well caleb and D discussed man things. meanwhile our puppies played and played!

Monday, June 14, 2010

a day in the life of a nanny

meet the petty ladies i take care of and get to love on monday- friday! be jealous, they are super cute!

addie(in the above two pictures) is almost 2, and sassy! she gives the absolute best hugs ever! seriously, her cute chubby arms wrap completely around your neck as she engulfs you for a hug! she is TRI-lingual. thats right, this baby has brains! she of course speaks english, but is also pretty fluent in spanish and knows quite a few sings(sign language). she loves to sing songs. wheels on the bus and the alphabet seem to be her favorite. she also loves to count in english and spanish. you could read her books all day and she would be the happiest. she is very into crafts: painting, coloring, and markers! she however, does not like to share!

this little nugget above, this is ady! she is fiercely independent! she is 10 months old, and will not take no for an answer. she crawls super fast. will eat almost anything you put in front of her. always wants what you have. she is smart. she is an explorer- she will go anywhere to get anything. fill up a box of toys, if she spots a small toy at the very bottom, covered up by all the toys atop, she will reach in, fall in and get her toy. she currently only has the two teeth pictured, but we think she is getting more- poor girl. she is a cute sleeper, sleeps on her tummy with her hand wrapped around a small blanket. and ohh man is she ticklish!!

i love this job.
and no they are not sisters, their parents do a nanny-share.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

the beginning

thats just it.
im not. although i wish i were at times.

this blog will be my ramblings with many grammatical errors, and that is one thing i can promise.

i am a forever college student it seems. i graduated high school 5 years ago and am still in a community college. its not that i am not a smart cookie, i am, i just never applied myself as much as i should have, and now i am starting to regret it. i am now on the final stretch though and will be completing my AA in this coming fall semester. woohoo! my parents will be so proud- hopefully.

speaking of parents. they are the best. i love them and my older brother, justin, very much. family is important to me. my brother has two daughters taylor(6 going on 16) and ainsley(3) and they mean the world to him and my family.

i live with my amazing boyfriend of (almost) a year and a half, caleb. he is a chef by trade. we have a puppy, remington, but we call him remi. he is a lab retriever mix, 5months old and we adopted him from the shelter. he is the best puppy and brings so much happiness to our little family. other than the occasional rug eating., he is actually a pretty good dog. we have him in puppy training classes every sunday for the next 3 sundays, he has already completed 3 classes. so far he can sit, stay, lay down, knows off (like when he jumps on you because he is excited to see you). we are still working on walking on a leash, i dont know why, but that is so hard for him and us. also he is working on come.

monday thru friday you can find me at my nanny job. i watch two beautiful girls. their moms are friends. addie who is almost 2 and ady who is 10months. thats right addie and ady how awesome/confusing is that! they both make me laugh so hard every day.
some nights i babysit for them along with their brothers or also for this other princess emerson who will be a big sister at the end of the year :)

on weekends, i like to take it easy, have no schedule, other than remi's puppy classes on sunday at noon, and just go with the flow. sleep, i love to sleep in. which is usually no later than 930.

what else?
you will just have to find out!

ps- i just baked this amazing peach crisp! can you smell it?